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Diverse Partnerships & Committed Investors

Flibe Energy Inc. (FEI) stands at the forefront of diverse industries, from nuclear power innovation to medical isotopes and advanced transportation. Our success is deeply intertwined with our stakeholders' diversity, encompassing dedicated private and institutional investors who believe in our vision. For over a decade, these partnerships have been the bedrock of our progress, fueling our journey towards sustainable and transformative LFTR-based technologies.


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Regulatory & Governance

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Public & Environmental

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Supporting Research & Regulatory Partners

Flibe is proud to partner with National Laboraties and Universities for researching fundamental properties, modeling, and building up a workforce to support the new thorium economy.

Government leadership is a requirement for the nuclear industry to meet the energy demands of our nation and the world, and we are proud to have made substantial inroads on legislation to enhance competition and improve the regulatory processes and options for future SMRs. We continue to work with government regulatory bodies to ensure a new era of reactor licensing that ensures safety and scalability.

Design & Engineering Capabilities

Our team of experienced scientists and engineers is dedicated to delivering cutting-edge solutions to the world's greatest problems. Using a combination of modern engineering techniques, simulation tools, and in-house lab development, we have built upon the foundation laid by the Molten Salt Reactor Program to bring solutions to the 21st century.

Render of reactor with a blueprint background

Lowered Risk Through Proven Technology

The Molten Salt Reactor Experiment ran from 1965 to 1969, proving that "FLiBe" molten salts could be used safely and effectively to sustain and extract energy from a nuclear reactor. Flibe's reactor is based on this tested design, along with decades of additional research in molten salts and nuclear reactor technology.

Two images both showing construction and testing of the molten salt reactor experiment
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Unlimited Possibilities

Scalability To Meet the Needs of the World

The world is changing, and with it comes a need for better and more sustainable technology. For our civilization to accommodate that growth while achieving sustainable, net-zero CO2 targets, a shift in how we approach electricity production is critical. LFTR technology provides a clean, dense, and dependable source of energy which is capable of meeting the base-load and peak power demands both now and in the future.


Flibe has a bright future, and we are committed to changing how the world powers itself. Our unique plan for growth anticipates significant early-stage revenue streams, so we invite you to join us in our vision of taking energy to the next level. We encourage investors to use the contact form to get in touch with us about participating in our current round of financing.

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