Energy, The Way It Should Be

Transitioning global energy production to sustainable nuclear through our liquid fueled reactor technologies.

Our Vision

Sustainable nuclear energy for the world.

Our vision for nuclear is bold - create a sustainable ecosystem of thorium fueled nuclear reactors that provide huge benefits over today's energy sources. Nuclear is the safest form of energy ever created by humanity, and provides significant amounts of reliable zero-carbon energy production. Our technology builds upon this foundation for a better tomorrow.

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Thorium Powered

Thorium is abundant, ubiquitous, and avoids uranium enrichment or costly fuel assembly fabrication.

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Liquid Fuel Form

Fission in a Fluid is the Secret partly because fuel can't meltdown, only freeze up.

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Waste Management

The best solution to nuclear waste is not to produce it and we anticipate Flibe's ionically bonded molten salt fuel will run longer and produce far less waste than solid fuel in assemblies.

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Thermal Spectrum

Reactors operating in a thermal spectrum produce more energy per kg of fuel than fast spectrum reactors and Flibe is optimizing for energy.

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Power Conversion System

The high outlet temperature coupled with Flibe's patent pending sCO2 cycle creates efficiencies resulting in a far smaller reactor site footprint.

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Safe Operations

Flibe's reactors have multiple inherent safety features like our innovative drain system that uses gravity, a fail-safe with no down-time.

Our Technology

Providing more than just energy.

Fission in a fluid is the secret to unlocking the full potential of the nuclear ecosystem. Vital medical isotopes can be harvested from the fuel to treat cancer, waste heat can be used in industrial applications, transportation can be completely decarbonized, and so much more.

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Developing thermal spectrum fluid fueled molten salt reactors.

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Efficient electricity generation, high volume water desalination, industrial heat applications, and much more.

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Fluid fueled technology enables low cost access to valuable short lived fission products.

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CO2 Emissions