Flibe Featured on Fire2Fission Podcast - Revolutionizing Nuclear Energy with LFTR Technology

Published November 22nd, 2023

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In a recent episode of the Fire2Fission Podcast, DJ Hanson, the Chief Operating Officer of Flibe Energy, shared insights into the history of nuclear energy, debunked myths around molten salt thorium reactors, and shared the fascinating journey that led him to his full support for this groundbreaking technology.

About Fire2Fission

Fire2Fission is a project focused on producing energy for America and the world. Our mission is to better human lives by supporting the development and utilization of energy dense fuels. By pursuing this goal, we’ll help provide abundant, affordable, and clean energy for all humans while maximizing our beneficial economic impact in communities we serve and minimizing our detrimental impact on the environment.

Listen to the full podcast here