Flibe Energy Announces Hiring of New Chief Strategy Officer

January 2nd, 2023

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Huntsville, Alabama, January 2023 – Dr. Joseph Bonometti joins Flibe Energy’s executive team as Chief Strategy Officer.

Flibe Energy is thrilled to announce the newest addition to our executive team with the hiring of our Chief Strategy Officer Dr. Joseph Bonometti. Dr. Bonometti is an experienced engineering leader with decades of advanced technology management including developing multi-billion dollar strategic projects. He will spearhead our forthcoming reactor development and research initiatives.

Dr. Joseph Bonometti has had a long and successful career managing some of the most challenging technological developments in his dual role as an Air Force Director of Engineering and MDA Chief Engineer. He was brought in as the Chief Engineer of the Airborne Laser program after the laser system suffered major damage, and led engineering to a historic missile shoot down just 12 months later. For over 10 years, he developed/demonstrated numerous classified directed energy systems for the DoD.

Dr. Bonometti graduated from the US Military Academy in West Point, NY, where he studied nuclear engineering and subsequently served in the Army Corps of Engineers as an officer from 1982-1987. He completed his doctorate at the University of Alabama-Huntsville and joined NASA’s Marshall Space Flight Center, where he oversaw technology development programs in several areas, including nuclear propulsion and air-launched rockets. During this time he learned about lithium-fluoride reactor technology and became a strong proponent; giving the first major public talk on liquid core reactors and the advantages of energy from thorium as an invited Google Tech Talk speaker. In his position as the NASA Chair Professor at the Naval Postgraduate School in Monterey, California, he supported a liquid core reactor design project for naval propulsion. He is a licensed Professional Engineer, a graduate of the Federal Executive Institute, and has worked in industry for Pratt & Whitney Aircraft as well as a university research scientist.

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