Flibe Energy Announces Development of the Lithium Fluoride Low Enriched Uranium Reactor (LFLEUR)

Published May 1st, 2024

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Leading Nuclear Energy Innovation with Lithium Fluoride Technology

Flibe Energy’s newly-appointed CEO, David Hanson, introduced the company’s newest product line, LFLEUR, at the Reuters SMR & Advanced Reactor 2024 conference in Atlanta on May 1. LFLEUR stands for Lithium Fluoride Low Enriched Uranium Reactor. As a thermal spectrum, fluid filled, molten salt reactor, LFLEUR was designed to be constructable, repeatable, and deliverable. LFLEUR is designed to run on a commercially available fuel cycle that is accessible today, which is an important step in accelerating the deployment of sustainable nuclear energy.

A leading innovation of LFLEUR is the introduction of our fuel leasing program. We retain ownership of the fuel through our leasing program, assuming the responsibility instead of leaving it to our customers. We focus on recertification, so you can focus on providing your customers the energy that they need at an affordable rate. LFLEUR will still contain all the same passive safety benefits of our other molten salt reactor technologies.

For more information or to contact us about the reservation process, visit LFLEUR.