Medical nuclear scanning machine in a hospital room

Nuclear Medicine

Lifesaving medical isotopes for a healthier future.

Flibe can meet the global demand for nuclear medicine.

Nuclear materials are used every day to diagnose and treat patients all around the world. Unfortunately, there is a shortage of these life-saving radioisotopes. LFTR technology is a revolution in medical isotope generation and is designed from the start to optimize generation and extraction.

Fission in a fluid is the key to making nuclear medicine. Because the fuel in LFTR is in liquid form, extraction of these life-saving isotopes is possible without shutting down the reactor. Also, it is important to simplify the extraction and transportation process due to the short half-life of these isotopes. Only LFTR technology can create the quantity needed for the world at an affordable price per dose while meeting these demands.

Facts About Nuclear Medicine

40,000+ nuclear diagnostic imaging procedures every day in the US.

66 hour half-life of Molybdenum-99, the primary source of radio-isotopes.

As availability increases and cost decreases, nuclear medicine is expected to rapidly expand in more health applications.