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2023-11-01: Upcoming presentation to ARC Forum, London, UK

2022-10-12: “Global Energy from Thorium,” ORNL MSR Workshop

2022-09-06: “Nuclear History and a Path Forward,” Clean Growth Leadership Network Conference, London, UK

2021-10-13: “Progress on Lithium-Fluoride Reactor Technology,” ORNL MSR Workshop

2021-04-22: “Thorium Energy for Wyoming's Future,” University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming

2021-01-26: “MSR Technology and our Energy Future,” NAYGN chapter, University of Georgia, (teleconference)

2021-01-13: “Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor Design and Fuel Cycle,” National Academy of Sciences (teleconference)

2020-10-15: “Making the Right Choices for the first Molten-Salt Power Reactor,” ORNL MSR Workshop (teleconference)

PDF Slides, 6.7MB

2020-09-08: “Abundant Energy and Medicine from Thorium,” University of Wisconsin-Madison (teleconference)

2020-04-14: “The promise of thorium in meeting future world energy demand,” National Nuclear Security Administration (teleconference)

2019-12-19: “Thorium and our Energy Future,” Department of Energy, Office of the Under Secretary, Washington, DC

2019-12-09: “Thorium Energy for Wyoming's Future,” Office of the Governor, Cheyenne, WY

2019-11-21: “Thorium and our Energy Future,” White House Office of American Innovation, Washington, DC

2019-11-14: “Competitiveness of Small Modular MSRs,” International Atomic Energy Agency, Vienna, Austria

2019-11-03: “Energy from Thorium in Wyoming,” Wyoming Legislative Joint Committee on Minerals, Casper, WY

2019-10-03: “LFTR Online Chemistry,” ORNL MSR Workshop, ORNL, TN

2019-08-29: “A Coal Bridge to a Nuclear Future?” KY Governor's Local Issues Conference, Louisville, KY

2019-07-24: “Update for BRS Ventures,” Abu Dhabi, UAE

2019-07-24: “Medicine and Energy from Thorium,” presentation to Ministry of Health, Dubai, UAE

2019-07-01: “Medicine and Energy from Thorium,” Dubai Science Park, Dubai, UAE

2019-06-05: “FOA Update and Lessons Learned,” MSR Tech Working Group, Washington, DC

2019-06-03: “Thorium and our Nuclear Future,” NAYGN session, NEI Nuclear Energy Assembly, Washington, DC

2019-04-04: “LFTR Technology,” Millennial Nuclear Caucus, Richland, WA

2019-03-19: public comments to Tennessee Valley Authority, Huntsville, AL

2019-03-13: “Thorium and our Nuclear Future,” Office of Senator James Risch, Washington, DC

2019-02-19: public comments to Tennessee Valley Authority, Murfreesboro, TN

2019-01-23: “Thorium and our Nuclear Future,” Milltrust Science and Technology Day, London, UK

2019-01-21: “Thorium and our Nuclear Future,” Environmental Defense Fund, London, UK

2019-01-14: “LFTR Technology,” NAYGN Student Chapter, University of Georgia, Athens, GA

2019-01-14: “LFTR Technology,” Institute of Nuclear Power Operations, Atlanta, GA

2018-12-13: “LFTRs and Our Nuclear Future,” Women in Nuclear Winter Webinar

2018-10-29: “Thorium Panel Discussion,” ThEC2018, Brussels, Belgium

2018-10-29: “Conference Inspiration,” ThEC2018, Brussels, Belgium

2018-10-04: “Molten-Salt Technology and Fission Product Handling,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory, TN

Kirk Sorensen discusses the central role that fluorination plays in the handling of fission products in molten-salt reactors, and how new fluorination technology may resolve previous challenges, at the 4th MSR Workshop at Oak Ridge National Laboratory, on October 4, 2018.

PDF Slides with notes, 5.4MB

2018-10-02: “Reimagining Nuclear Energy with MSR Technology,” Nuclear Suppliers Workshop, ORNL, TN

2018-07-26: “Molten Salt Reactor Technology,” Nuclear Regulatory Commission

2018-07-23: “LFTR Technology,” MeV Summer School, Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois

2018-06-26: “Isotope Production from Molten Salt Reactors,” Savannah River National Laboratory, SC

2018-05-21: “Abundant Energy and Medicine from Thorium,” NAYGN session, Atlanta, GA

2017-11-13: “Energy from Thorium,” Michigan State University (teleconference)

2017-11-06: “Energy (and much more) from Thorium,” Argonne National Laboratory, IL

2017-09-12: “Medical Isotope Production in LFTR,” Montreal, Canada

2017-07-27: “Energy and Pu Consumption in LFTR,” Argonne National Laboratory, Illinois

2017-07-10: “LFTR and the Intermountain Power Plant,” IPA, West Jordan, Utah

2017-04-22: “Abundant Energy and Medicine from Thorium,” TN Tech University, Cookeville, Tennessee

2017-02-22: “Abundant Energy and Medicine from Thorium,” Utah State University, Logan, Utah

2017-02-09: “Thorium and our Nuclear Future,” Platts Nuclear Energy Conference, Washington, DC

2016-11-16: “Thorium and our Nuclear Future,” University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2016-10-19: “The Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor,” Utah State Legislature, Salt Lake City, Utah

2016-10-17: “Thorium and our Nuclear Future,” University of Wyoming, Laramie, Wyoming

2016-10-14: “Thorium and our Nuclear Future,” University of Idaho, Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

2016-10-13: “Chemical Engineering for the LFTR,” University of Idaho, Moscow

2016-10-05: “Thorium and MSR Fuel Strategies,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee

2016-09-07: “Unlocking the Energy of Thorium,” NEI, Washington, DC

2016-07-24: “Products and Energy from Thorium Reactors,” Delft, Netherlands

2016-07-21: “Chemical Processing in the LFTR,” IAEA, Vienna, Austria

2016-06-23: “Valuable Products and Reliable Energy from Thorium Reactors,” 3M, Maplewood, MN

2016-04-28: “Medicine and Energy from Thorium Reactors,” Millard Co, Fillmore, UT

2016-04-22: “Medicine and Energy from Thorium Reactors,” AEC2016, New York, NY

2016-03-14: “Engineering for the LFTR,” Georgia Institute of Technology, Atlanta, GA

2016-03-03: “Chemical Engineering for the LFTR,” Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

2016-03-02: “Solving Important Problems with Thorium Reactors,” Idaho State Capitol, Boise, Idaho

2016-02-10: “LFTR Technology,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee

2016-02-04: “Thorium and Molten Salt Reactors,” Danish Society of Engineers, Copenhagen, Denmark

2016-01-19: “Solving Important Problems with Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactors,” Abilene Christian University, Texas

2015-11-11: “Energy from Thorium and its Western Connection,” Brigham Young University, Provo, Utah

2015-10-15: “LFTR Development,” Oak Ridge National Laboratory, Tennessee

2015-10-13: “LFTR, the Ideal Pathway to Thorium,” ThEC2015, Mumbai, India

2015-09-22: “Chemical Processing in the LFTR,” University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

2015-08-25: “Solving Important Problems with Thorium Reactors,” Idaho State Capitol, Boise, Idaho

2015-06-29: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for Power Generation,” IPP, Delta, Utah

2015-06-29: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for Power Generation,” Materion, Delta, Utah

2015-05-13: “LFTR Development Opportunities,” Idaho State University, Pocatello, Idaho

2015-04-17: “The Promise of Thorium,” TU Delft, the Netherlands

2015-03-12: “The Promise of Thorium,” University of Queensland, Australia

2015-03-07: “Chemical Processing in the LFTR,” Monterrey Tech, Mexico

2015-02-17: “Abundant and Reliable Energy from Thorium,” UT Energy Week, Austin, Texas

2015-02-02: “Innovative Chemical and Medical Products from LFTR,” UC Santa Barbara, California

2015-01-17: Tour of UC-Berkeley Compact Integral Effect Test (CIET) facility

2015-01-16: “LFTR Chemical Processing and Power Conversion,” UofUT/UCB

2015-01-15: “Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor Development Strategy,” CAES, Idaho Falls, Idaho

2015-01-13: “Prospects for Thorium-Based Nuclear Power,” University of Utah, Salt Lake City, Utah

2014-11-20: “Thorium and the Liquid Fluoride Nuclear Reactor,” Georgia Power, Atlanta, Georgia

2014-10-15: “Thorium Research in the Manhattan Project Era,” Baker Center, Knoxville

2014-10-11: “Thorium can give humanity clean energy,” TEDxColoradoSprings

2014-07-23: “Flibe Energy LFTR Development,” Vanderbilt University, Nashville, Tennessee

2014-03-21: “Thorium and a Sustainable, Efficient Energy Future,” Abilene Christian University, Texas

2013-11-04: “All-Party Parliamentary Group Meeting,” House of Lords, London, UK

2013-10-28: “LFTR Development Strategy,” ThEC2013, Geneva, Switzerland

2013-10-02: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for Power Generation,” National Research Foundation, Singapore

2013-10-02: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for Power Generation,” Energy Studies Institute, Singapore

2013-10-01: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for Power Generation,” INSEAD, Singapore

2013-09-25: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for the MENA Region,” Dubai, UAE

2013-09-19: “Sustainable Energy from LFTR Technology,” Ohio State University

2013-07-26: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for Power Generation,” EPRI, Charlotte, North Carolina

2013-03-07: “Thorium and a Sustainable, Efficient Energy Future,” IEEE Aerospace Conference, Big Sky, Montana

2013-01-30: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for Power Generation,” UNIST, Ulsan, South Korea

2013-01-03: “Radioisotope Production in Liquid-Fluoride Reactors,” Southern Research, Birmingham, Alabama

2012-11-16: “Sustainable Energy from Thorium,” Sloan Finance Forum, MIT

2012-11-15: “Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactors,” Massachusetts Institute of Technology

2012-10-29: “Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactors for Power Generation,” CREA, Denver, Colorado

2012-10-17: “Radioisotope Production in Liquid-Fluoride Reactors,” Germantown, Maryland

2012-09-13: “Liquid-Fluoride Reactors for Power Generation,” Alabama Power, Birmingham, Alabama

2012-08-30: “A Global Alternative: Energy from Thorium,” Wyoming Nuclear Task Force

2012-07-30: “A Global Alternative: Energy from Thorium,” Huntsville, Alabama

2012-06-05: “Interview with ORNL MSR Engineers,” Oak Ridge, Tennessee

2012-05-31: “Energy from Thorium–A Global Alternative,” TEAC4, Chicago, IL

2012-04-25: “A Global Alternative: Energy from Thorium,” Connections 2012, Singapore

2012-04-17: “Thorium for Generating Carbon-Free Energy,” University of Evora, Portugal

2012-03-27: “Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactors,” McLean, Virginia

2012-03-21: “Energy Security and the Potential for Thorium,” POST Conference, Honolulu, Hawaii

2011-12-16: “Thorium MSR: Why Didn't This Happen?,” Google

2011-10-10: “Introduction to Flibe Energy,” ThEC2011, New York, New York

2011-10-02: “Better Energy by Design using Thorium Fuel in Fluoride Salts,” Brown University, Providence, Rhode Island

2011-09-15: “Thorium for Generating Carbon-Free Energy,” Friends of the Earth, London, UK

2011-09-13: “Flibe Energy and the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor,” NNL, Sellafield, UK

2011-09-09: “Flibe Energy and the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor,” DECC, London, UK

2011-06-20: “Generating Safe and Reliable Energy from Thorium,” INCOSE, Denver, Colorado

2011-05-12: “Introduction to Flibe Energy,” TEAC3, Washington, DC

2011-04-01: “Safe and Sustainable Thorium Energy,” TEDxYYC, Calgary, Alberta

2011-03-31: “Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors,” PROTOSPACE, Calgary, Alberta

2011-03-31: “Liquid Fluoride Thorium Reactors,” Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta

2011-03-17: “Safe and Sustainable Energy from Thorium,” NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio

2011-01-13: “Save the Uranium-233 to Save Solar System Exploration,” Google

2011-01-12: “Energy Security and Independence through LFTR,” Founders' Fund, San Francisco, California

2010-11-01: “Is Nuclear Waste Really Waste?,” Google

2010-10-18: “Keynote Address,” ThEC2010, London, UK

2010-09-22: “Public Advocacy and Industrial Activities for Thorium MSR,” Oak Ridge National Lab, Tennessee

2010-09-20: “The Thorium Fuel Cycle and SNF/Fission Products,” University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2010-08-31: “Statement to Blue Ribbon Commission,” Washington, DC

2010-04-26: “Thorium and the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor,” Huntsville, Alabama

2010-03-29: “A Path Forward to a Independent Energy Future Enabled by Thorium,” TEAC2, Mountain View, California

2009-10-26: “LFTR Technology,” Ohio Aerospace Institute, Cleveland, Ohio

2009-10-19: “Keynote Address,” TEAC1, Washington, DC

2009-07-20: “Lessons for the Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactor,” Google

2009-07-05: “Thorium and the LFTR for generating carbon-free energy,” Manchester, UK

2008-11-03: “Thorium-Based Nuclear Power,” Climate Workshop, Washington, DC

2008-07-27: “The Road to Green, Sustainable Nuclear Power,” NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio

2007-04-25: “A Small, Mobile Molten-Salt Reactor,” University of Tennessee, Knoxville

2006-08-08: “Brief History of the Liquid-Fluoride Reactor,” Ohio State University, Columbus, Ohio

2006-05-25: “Energy from Thorium using the Liquid-Fluoride Reactor,” NASA Glenn Research Center, Cleveland, Ohio

2005-12-07: “Molten Fluoride Reactors for Naval Power,” Naval Postgraduate School, Monterey, California

Video Interviews

2023-03-31: “Can thorium nuclear energy make a comeback?

2019-01-23: “Milltrust Science and Tech Day

2014-02-03: “Interview with Kirk Sorensen, Flibe Energy

2012-06-16: “Driving Force Radio: Kirk Sorensen and Bryony Worthington

2012-04-10: “Interview with Kirk Sorensen, Flibe Energy

2011-02-17: “Dr. Kiki's Science Hour 84: The Nuclear Alternative

2010-11-01: “Scientists hail metal thorium as alternative source of energy

Audio Interviews

2014-03-24: “Rediscovering the lost promise of thorium

2013-11-20: “China Leads in Development of Thorium

2013-07-18: “Power Hour: Kirk Sorensen on Thorium

2012-08-04: “Exploration of Thorium's Potential as an Energy Source

2012-02-28: “Nuclear Power Without the Nasties?” (download MP3)

2011-05-28: “Thorium Could Be Our Energy ‘Silver Bullet'

2010-10-29: “Thorium, safer and cleaner than nuclear fuel

2010-03-22: “Thorium: a future energy source?

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2023-10-02: “ORNL molten salt concept could lead to 'smartphone' of reactors,” Oak Ridger

2022-09-23: “Advanced Nuclear Moves Beyond Water and Into Salt,” Breakthrough Institute

2018-11-05: “Is Thorium the Fuel of the Future to Revitalize Nuclear?,” Power Engineering

2018-07-13: “Flibe Energy gets DOE funding for nuclear research,” C&EN

2017-02-25: “A forgotten war technology could safely power Earth for millions of years,” Business Insider

2016-09-28: “What's the Difference Between Thorium and Uranium?,” Machine Design

2016-07-13: “How Technology From the 50s Could Answer Our Growing Energy Problem,” Huffington Post

2016-02-08: “VS Investeert Weer In Gesmoltenzoutreactor,” De Ingenieur

2016-01-21: “Guest physics speaker brings info on new technology,” ACU Optimist

2015-08-20: “Kirk Sorensen—Thorium's One-Man Band,” Real Clear Energy

2015-02-18: “UT Energy Week panelists say nuclear energy will power the future,” Daily Texan

2014-03-19: “Chinese going for broke on thorium,” UK Telegraph

2013-12-20: “US government lab behind China's nuclear power push,” Reuters

2013-12-01: “Think Thorium,” The Engineer

2013-11-11: “The nuke that might have been,” The Economist

2013-06-10: “Salt of the Earth: the promise of thorium,” The Engineer

2013-01-06: “China blazes trail for thorium,” UK Telegraph

2012-12-05: “Nuclear energy: Radical reactors,” Nature

2012-05-01: “SuperFuel,” Richard Martin, Palgrave Macmillan

2011-09-09: “Thorium advocates launch pressure group,” UK Guardian

2011-09-07: “Live chat: nuclear thorium technologist Kirk Sorensen,” UK Guardian

2011-05-09: “Thor's nuclear-powered hammer,” Baltimore Sun

2011-03-20: “China is leading the way with thorium,” UK Telegraph

2011-03-18: “Nuclear community snubbed reactor safety message,” ABC News

2010-08-29: “A Nuclear Dash for Thorium,” UK Telegraph

2010-07-01: “Liquid-Fluoride Thorium Reactors,” American Scientist

2010-03-16: “Safer, Clean Energy from Thorium,” Machine Design Magazine

2009-12-21: “Enter Thorium, the New Green Nuke,” WIRED Magazine

2009-12-10: “Nuclear's next generation,” The Economist

2009-07-13: “Thorium nuclear power,” UK Guardian

Selected Writings

“MSR Chemical Processing History and Techniques”, Kirk Sorensen, January 2014

“Thorium Research in the Manhattan Project Era”, Kirk Sorensen, January 2014

Other Historical Resources

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