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Lithium Fluoride Low Enriched Uranium Reactor

Commercial LEU Fuel

LFLEUR is powered by domestically available commerical fuel supplies.

Fuel Leasing Program

We retain ownership of the fuel through our leasing program, assuming the responsibility instead of leaving it to our customers. We focus on recertification, so you can focus on providing your customers the energy that they need at an affordable rate.


Operational production reactors coming online in 2040.

Scalable Design

LFLEUR's scalable design allows for sizing from several megawatts, to multi-gigawatt grid scale deployments.

Operational Subsidies

Secondary reactor products allow us to offer our customers operational subsidies, drastically reducing operational costs.

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Water Optional

Lithium reactors coupled to sCO2 power conversion systems open the door to dry cooling. Decoupling reactor siting from available water sources lets us bring the energy solution to the problem.

Contact Us

Now accepting reservations for LFLEUR

If you are interested in reserving a Lithium Fluoride Low Enriched Uranium Reactor, contact us through this form. We are proud to be pioneering the world towards sustainable nuclear energy, and we hope you will be a part of that future.

Technical Details

LFLEUR Specifications

LFLEUR takes the benefits of a molten salt reactor and combines it with a commercially available fuel supply. The following specifications are for the standard LFLEUR design, but design flexibility allows for changes due to siting requirements.




25-100 MWe

Power Conversion System

sCO2 Brayton

Cooling Options

Dry or Wet


> 42%

Reactor Outlet Temp


Reactor Inlet Temp


Reactor Pressure

<10 bar

Reactor Structure

Hastelloy N