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ORNL-TM-2013-543 (NUREG-CR-7176): 2014-02
Safety and Regulatory Issues of the Thorium Fuel Cycle

ORNL-TM-12780: 1994-07
Compatibility of a Tantalum Alloy (T-111) with a Nickel Alloy (Hastelloy S)

Advanced Liquid Metal Reactor Support Studies

ORNL-TM-12436: 1993-09
Tensile and Creep Tests on a Single Heat of Alloy 800H

ORNL-TM-12430: 1993-09
Use of the MCM for Analysis of Alloy 800H Rupture Data

ORNL-TM-12429: 1993-10
Final Analysis of ORNL Creep-Rupture and Tensile Data on 2-1/4 Cr-1 Mo Steel

ORNL-TM-11338 (HTGR-88-383): 1989-12
Tensile and Creep Properties of SA533 Grade B Class 1 Steel

ORNL-TM-10456 (HTGR-87-005): 1987-06
Thermal Aging and Decarburization of 2-1/4 Cr-1 Mo Steels

ORNL-TM-10267: 1986-12
Assessment of Ceramic Composites for Multimegawatt Space Nuclear Power Systems

ORNL-TM-10187 (HTGR-86-123): 1986-10
Long-Term Creep Properties of 2-1/4 Cr-1 Mo Steel

ORNL-TM-10127: 1986-10
Creep Properties of Selected Refractory Alloys for Potential Space Nuclear Power Applications

ORNL-TM-9891 (HTGR-85-158): 1986-02
Evaluation of Advanced Alloys for Gas-Cooled Reactors

ORNL-TM-9887 (HTGR-85-157): 1985-11
Influence of Decarburization on the Tensile and Creep Properties 2-1/4 Cr-1 Mo Steel

ORNL-TM-9604 (HTGR-85-072): 1985-09
Mechanical Properties of Hastelloy X and Inconel 617 After Aging 53,000 hr in HTGR-He

ORNL-TM-9382: 1985-01
Evaluation of HD 556 and Incoloy 802 for HTGR Applications

ORNL-TM-9380: 1985-02
Weldability and Mechanical Property Characterization of Oxide-Dispersion-Strengthed MA956 and Cast Alloy 713LC

ORNL-TM-9337: 1985-02
Mechanical Properties of Inconel 617 and 618

ORNL-TM-9235: 1984-10
Fabrication of Fiber-Reinforced Ceramic Composites by Chemical Vapor Infiltration

ORNL-TM-9171: 1985-01
Decarburization of 2-1/4 Cr-1 Mo Steel by HTGR Helium

ORNL-TM-9108: 1984-09
Weldability and Mechanical Property Characterization of Weld Clad Alloy 800H Tubesheet Forging

ORNL-TM-9048: 1984-05
Guidelines for Treatment of Elevated-Temperature Mechanical Properties Data for Structural Materials

ORNL-TM-8959: 1984-12
Ceramic Coatings for Heat Engine Materials - Status and Future Needs

ORNL-TM-8728: 1983-08
Creep and Tensile Properties of Alloy 800H-Hastelloy X Weldments

ORNL-TM-8491: 1983-01
Studies of Waste-Canister Compatibility

ORNL-TM-7917: 1981-10
Characterization of Materials for Waste-Canister Compatibility Studies

ORNL-TM-7894: 1981-11
Long-Term Creep Test Results on Several Heats of Type 304 Stainless Steel

ORNL-TM-7770: 1981-07
Materials Considerations Relative to Multibarrier Waste Isolation

ORNL-TM-7650: 1981-04
Testing of Bellows for Engineering Systems - Part 2

ORNL-TM-7207: 1980-07 (2 copies) (9.1M PDF)
Conceptual Design Characteristics of a Denatured Molten-Salt Reactor with Once-Through Fueling

ORNL-TM-7195: 1980-09 (2 copies)
Mini-Assessment of Advanced Technology Options for NASAP

ORNL-TM-7194: 1980-09
An Assessment of Advanced Technology Options for NASAP

ORNL-TM-6887: 1979-07
Testing of Bellows for Engineering Systems - Part 1

ORNL-TM-6822: 1979-06 (3 copies)
Creep Behavior of Hastelloy X, 2-1/4 Cr-1 Mo Steel, and Other Alloys in Simulated HTGR Helium

ORNL-TM-6435: 1978-09 (2 copies)
Offshore Heat Dissipation for Nuclear Energy Centers

ORNL-TM-6415: 1979-03 (8.9M PDF)
Development Status and Potential Program for Development of Proliferation-Resistant Molten-Salt Reactors

ORNL-TM-6413: 1978-08 (3.6M PDF)
Molten-Salt Reactors for Efficient Nuclear Fuel Utilization without Plutonium Separation

ORNL-TM-6193: 1978-01
Radiation Effects on Insulators for Superconducting Magnets

ORNL-TM-6105: 1977-12
Sensitivity of the First-Wall Radiation Damage to Fusion Reactor Blanket Composition

ORNL-TM-6002: 1977-10 (5.2M PDF)
Status of Tellurium-Hastelloy-N Studies in Molten-Fluoride Salts

ORNL-TM-6001: 1977-11
Creep-Rupture Properties and Corrosion Behavior of 2-1/4 Cr-1 Mo Steel and Hastelloy X Alloys in Simulated HTGR Environment

ORNL-TM-5928: 1977-08
Utility Survey on Nuclear Power Plant Siting and Nuclear Energy Centers

ORNL-TM-5927: 1977-11
Expansion Potential for Existing Nuclear Power Station Sites

ORNL-TM-5920: 1978-01 (5.5M PDF)
Status of Materials Development for Molten-Salt-Reactors

ORNL-TM-5783: 1977-05 (2.5M PDF)
Compatibility Studies of Potential Molten-Salt Breeder Reactor Materials in Molten Fluoride Salts

ORNL-TM-5782: 1977-04 (4.5M PDF)
The Corrosion of Type 316 Stainless Steel to Li2BeF4

ORNL-TM-5781: 1977-05 (3 copies) (6.8M PDF)
Corrosion of Several Metals in Supercritical Steam at 538 C

ORNL-TM-5759: 1977-04 (3.1M PDF)
Distribution and Behavior of Tritium in the Coolant-Salt Technology Facility

ORNL-TM-5741: 1977-05
Importance of Billet Microstructure in the Hot Extrusion of 2% Ti-Hastelloy N

ORNL-TM-5697: 1977-02
Production of Homogeneous Titanium-Hastelloy N Alloys

ORNL-TM-5540: 1976-11 (9.8M PDF)
System Design Description of Forced-Convection Molten-Salt Corrosion Loops MSR-FCL-3 and MSR-FCL-4

ORNL-TM-5335: 1976-10 (1.8M PDF)
Heat Transfer Measurements in a Forced Convection Loop with Two Molten-Fluoride Salts

ORNL-TM-5325: 1976-04 (3.7M PDF)
Evaluation of Alternate Secondary (and Tertiary) Coolants for the MSBR

ORNL-TM-5271: 1976-05
A Summary of Neutronics Information for Irradiation Experiments in the ORR

ORNL-TM-5122: 1976-05
Atmospheric Considerations Regarding the Impact of Heat Dissipation from a Nuclear Energy Center

ORNL-TM-4804: 1975-04 (2.3M PDF)
A Method for Calculating the Steady-State Distribution of Tritium in an MSBR Plant

ORNL-TM-4709: 1974-11
Tensile and Creep Properties of Several Heats of Type 304 Stainless Steel

ORNL-TM-4627: 1974-10
Interim Report of Tensile and Creep Data for Type 304 Stainless Steel Plate

ORNL-TM-4552: 1974-08 (2 copies)
Corrosion of Several Iron and Nickel-Base Alloys in Supercritical Steam at 1000F

ORNL-TM-4380: 1973-12 (2 copies) (6.6M PDF)
Influence of Aging on the Impact Properties of Hastelloy N

ORNL-TM-4286: 1972-12 (12.3M PDF)
Alloy Compatibility with LiF-BeF2 Salts Containing ThF4 and UF4

ORNL-TM-4272: 1972-12 (13.4M PDF)
Compatibility of Brazing Alloys and the Molten Salt NaBF4-NaF at 610 C

ORNL-TM-4271: 1972-12 (6.7M PDF)
Mass Transfer Between Hastelloy-N and a Molten NaBF4 Mixture in a Thermal Convection Loop

ORNL-TM-4221: 1972-12 (2.3M PDF)
A Forced-Circulation Loop for Corrosion Studies: Hastelloy-N Compatibility with NaBF4-NaF

ORNL-TM-4210: 1976-09 (2.3M PDF)
MRPP - Multi-Region Processing Plant Code

ORNL-TM-4189: 1972-12 (12.1M PDF)
Evaluation of Hastelloy-N Alloys After Nine Years Exposure to Both a Molten Fluoride Salt and Air

ORNL-TM-4188: 1972-12 (3.5M PDF)
Effect of FeF2 Addition on Mass Transfer in a Hastelloy N/LiF-BeF2-UF4 Thermal Convection Loop System

ORNL-TM-4183: 1973-06
Postirradiation Examination and Testing of the ORR NF Tray

ORNL-TM-4174: 1972-12 (33.3M PDF)
Post-Irradiation Examination of Materials from the MSRE

ORNL-TM-4173: 1972-12 (2 copies)
Influence of Various Alloying Additions on the Strength of Nickel-Base Alloys

ORNL-TM-4172: 1972-12
Corrosion of Type 304L Stainless Steel and Hastelloy N by Mixtures of BF3, Air, and Argon

ORNL-TM-4139: 1973-05
Examination of the Irradiated 6061 Aluminum HFIR Target Holder

ORNL-TM-4079: 1973-03 (4.0M PDF)
Forced-Convection Heat-Transfer Measurements with a Molten Fluoride Mixture Flowing in a Smooth Tube

ORNL-TM-4056: 1972-12 (1.5M PDF)
The Equilibrium of Dilute UF3 Solutions Contained in Graphite

ORNL-TM-3939: 1972-12 (4.7M PDF)
MSR Component Replacements Using Remote Cutting and Welding Techniques

ORNL-TM-3884: 1972-12 (5.3M PDF)
The Migration of a Class of Fission Products (Noble Metals) in the MSRE

ORNL-TM-3866: 1972-10 (13.4M PDF)
Corrosion and Mass Transfer Characteristics of NaBF4-NaF in Hastelloy-N

ORNL-TM-3863: 1973-01 (6.2M PDF)
Design and Operation of a Forced-Circulation Corrosion Test Facility Employing Hastelloy-N and NaBF4 Salt

ORNL-TM-3832: 1972-06 (4.2M PDF)
Design Studies of a Molten-Salt Reactor Demonstration Plant

ORNL-TM-3767: 1972-05-05 (2.5M PDF)
Hybrid Computer Simulation of the MSBR

ORNL-TM-3763: 1972-04 (0.8M PDF)
Estimated Behavior of Titanium in MSBR Chemical Processing Systems

ORNL-TM-3608: 1971-12
Chemical Vapor Deposited Refractory Metal Capsules for Radioisotope Sources

ORNL-TM-3563: 1971-11 (1.4M PDF)
Availability of Natural Resources for Molten-Salt Breeder Reactors

ORNL-TM-3561: 1971-09 (0.9M PDF)
Remote Inspection of Welded Joints

ORNL-TM-3524: 1971-10 (9.2M PDF)
Operation of the Sampler-Enricher in the MSRE

ORNL-TM-3488: 1971-10 (2 copies) (3.5M PDF)
Mass Transfer Between Hastelloy-N and Haynes Alloy No. 25 in a Molten Sodium Fluoroborate Mixture

ORNL-TM-3464: 1971-10 (5.2M PDF)
Xenon Behavior in the MSRE

ORNL-TM-3359: 1971-09 (3 copies) (3.8M PDF)
ROD: A Nuclear and Fuel-Cycle Analysis Code for Circulating-Fuel Reactors

ORNL-TM-3350: 1971-09
A Study of the Formation of Creep Cavities in Powder-Metallurgy Tungsten

ORNL-TM-3321: 1971-07 (2 copies) (3.6M PDF)
Thermal Stability of Titanium-Modified Hastelloy-N at 650 and 760 C

ORNL-TM-3303: 1971-08 (1.5M PDF)
Further Discussion of Instrumentation and Controls Development Needed for the MSBR

ORNL-TM-3229: 1970-11 (2 copies) (2.6M PDF)
Fluid Dynamic Studies of the MSRE Core

ORNL-TM-3202: 1970-11
The Analysis of Creep Data in the Selections of Materials for Thermionic Capsules

ORNL-TM-3177: 1970-11 (2.9M PDF)
Molten-Salt Breeder Experiment Design Bases

ORNL-TM-3144: 1970-09 (2.3M PDF)
Fluorine Production and Recombination in Frozen MSR Salts after Reactor Operation

ORNL-TM-3113: 1970-10
The Measurement of Residual Stresses

ORNL-TM-3064: 1971-01 (2 copies) (24.1M PDF)
Influence of Ti, Zr, and Hf Additions on the Resistance of Modified Hastelloy-N to Irradiation Damage

ORNL-TM-3063: 1971-03 (11.8M PDF)
An Evaluation of the MSRE Hastelloy-N Surveillance Specimens - Fourth Group

ORNL-TM-3039: 1973-06 (28.7M PDF)
MSRE Systems and Components Performance

ORNL-TM-3028: 1970-08
Some Creep-Rupture Data for Newer Heats of Haynes Alloy No. 25 (L-605)

ORNL-TM-3027: 1970-06 (11.5M PDF)
Spray, Mist, Bubbles, and Foam in the MSRE

ORNL-TM-3002: 1970-05 (2.3M PDF)
Reactor Power Measurement and Heat Transfer Performance in the MSRE

ORNL-TM-2997: 1970-04 (2 copies) (1.2M PDF)
Experimental Dynamic Analysis of the MSRE with 233U Fuel

ORNL-TM-2987: 1970-10 (4.6M PDF)
Development of Fuel- and Coolant-Salt Centrifugal Pumps for the MSRE

ORNL-TM-2978: 1970-06 (2.3M PDF)
Compatibility of Fused Sodium Fluoroborate and BF3 Gas with Hastelloy-N Alloys

ORNL-TM-2974: 1970-04-07 (1.4M PDF)
Plans for Post-Operation Examination of the MSRE

ORNL-TM-2953: 1971-06 (5.3M PDF)
A New Approach to a Design of Steam Generators for Molten Salt Reactor Power Plants

ORNL-TM-2858: 1970-04 (2 copies) (4.8M PDF)
Tensile Properties of Hastelloy-N Welded After Irradiation

ORNL-TM-2809: 1970-02
Predicting the Performance of Arc-Cast Tungsten Capsules Containing Alpha-Emitting Isotopes at Thermionic Temperatures

ORNL-TM-2741: 1970-01 (2 copies) (3.3M PDF)
Catastropic Corrosion of Type 304 Stainless Steel in a System Circulating Fused Sodium Fluoroborate

ORNL-TM-2724: 1969-12 (1.2M PDF)
Compatibility of Molybdenum-Base Alloy TZM with LiF-BeF2-ThF4-UF4 at 1100 C

ORNL-TM-2685: 1969-08 (0.8M PDF)
Inherent Neutron Source in MSRE with Clean 233U Fuel

ORNL-TM-2647: 1970-01 (15.1M PDF)
An Evaluation of the MSRE Hastelloy-N Surveillance Specimens - Third Group

ORNL-TM-2596: 1969-07-08 (1.1M PDF)
Fractional Crystallization Reactions in the System LiF-BeF2-ThF4

ORNL-TM-2511: 1969-05 (1.2M PDF)
Materials for Molten-Salt Reactors

ORNL-TM-2490: 1969-04 (2 copies) (6.5M PDF)
Compatibility of Hastelloy-N and Croloy-9M with NaBF4-NaF-KBF4 Fluoroborate Salt

ORNL-TM-2489: 1969-06-02 (1.7M PDF)
MSBR Control Studies

ORNL-TM-2486: 1969-03 (0.7M PDF)
Extraction of U, Th, and Rare Earths from Molten LiF-BeF2 into Liquid Li-Bi Solutions

ORNL-TM-2483: 1969-03 (2 copies) (1.1M PDF)
Pre- and Post-Irradiation Mechanical Properties of Hastelloy-N Welds

ORNL-TM-2482: 1969-02
The Effect of Alloy Additions and Heat Treatments on the Mechanical Properties of U-0.5% Ti Alloy

ORNL-TM-2408: 1969-01
Techniques for the Preparation of Transmission Electron Microscopy Specimens from Tubing

ORNL-TM-2392: 1969-01
Diffusion of Titanium in Modified Hastelloy-N

ORNL-TM-2359: 1969-02 (12.9M PDF)
An Evaluation of the MSRE Hastelloy-N Surveillance Specimens - Second Group

ORNL-TM-2316: 1968-08 (2 copies) (2.1M PDF)
Physical Properties of Molten-Salt Reactor Fuel, Coolant, and Flush Salts

ORNL-TM-2304: 1968-09 (1.2M PDF)
MSRE Design and Operations Report Part XI-A: Test Program for 233U Operations

ORNL-TM-2263: 1968-10 (2 copies)
Physical and Mechanical Properties of Type 406 Stainless Steel

ORNL-TM-2256: 1968-06-20 (2.0M PDF)
Chemical Feasibility of Fueling Molten-Salt Reactors with PuF3

ORNL-TM-2245: 1968-07-23 (1.9M PDF)
Removal of 135Xe from Circulating Fuel Salt of the MSBR by Mass Transfer to Helium Bubbles

ORNL-TM-2238: 1968-07
Proton Reaction Analysis for Lithium and Fluorine in Graphite, Using a Slit-Scanning Technique

ORNL-TM-2180: 1968-03-26 (1.0M PDF)
Electrical Conductivity of Molten Fluorides: A Review

ORNL-TM-2136: 1969-02 (2 copies) (6.5M PDF)
Graphite Behavior and its Effects on MSBR Performance

ORNL-TM-2130: 1968-03
In-Reactor and Postirradiation Creep-Rupture Properties of Type 304 Stainless Steel at 650C

ORNL-TM-2111: 1968-02 (4.6M PDF)
MSRE Design and Operations Part Report V-A: Safety Analysis of Operation with 233U

ORNL-TM-2058: 1968-01 (2.0M PDF)
Measurement of Relative Volatilities of Rare-Earth Fluorides in Mixtures of LiF and BeF2

ORNL-TM-2043: 1968-01 (2 copies) (6.6M PDF)
Effects of Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of Hastelloy N

ORNL-TM-2021: 1967-05 (19.3M PDF)
Corrosion Behavior of Nickel-Molybdenum Alloys in Fused Fluoride Mixtures

ORNL-TM-1997: 1967-11 (7.4M PDF)
An Evaluation of the MSRE Hastelloy-N Surveillance Specimens - First Group

ORNL-TM-1976: 1967-10 (1.2M PDF)
A Literature Survey of the Fluorides and Oxyfluorides of Molybdenum

ORNL-TM-1933: 1967-08-30 (1.3M PDF)
“MATEXP”, A Program for Solving ODEs by the Matrix Exponential Method

ORNL-TM-1906: 1967-09 (0.9M PDF)
In- and Ex-Reactor Stress-Rupture Properties of Hastelloy N Tubing

ORNL-TM-1862: 1967-07
Indentation Creep of Soft Metals

ORNL-TM-1861: 1967-07
The Temperature and Time Dependence of the Hardness of Iron and Nickel

ORNL-TM-1859: 1967-06-30 (1.7M PDF)
Maintenance Development Program for MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1858: 1967-06-09 (2 copies) (3.6M PDF)
Safety Program for MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1857: 1967-06-12 (2 copies) (3.6M PDF)
Physics Program for MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1856: 1967-05-22 (3.2M PDF)
Instrumentation and Controls Development for MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1855: 1967-06-30 (6.8M PDF)
Components and Systems Development for MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1854: 1967-06 (10.7M PDF)
Materials Development for MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1853: 1967-06-06 (8.4M PDF)
Chemical Research and Development for MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1852: 1967-06 (4.2M PDF)
Fuel and Blanket Processing Development for MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1851: 1967-06-12 (2 copies) (6.6M PDF)
Summary of the Objectives, Design, and a Program of Development of MSBRs

ORNL-TM-1796: 1967-03-10 (4.9M PDF)
The Reactivity Balance in the MSRE

ORNL-TM-1786: 1967-05
Vaporization Phenomena of Haynes Alloy No. 25 to 1150C

ORNL-TM-1771: 1967-04
Time-Dependent Hardness of Soft Metals

ORNL-TM-1735: 1967-04 (2 copies)
A Program for Calculating Optimum Dimensions of Alpha Radioisotope Capsules Exposed to Varying Stress and Temperature

ORNL-TM-1647: 1966-10-13 (2.4M PDF)
Experimental Dynamic Analysis of the MSRE

ORNL-TM-1626: 1966-10 (2.7M PDF)
Period Measurements on the MSRE During Fuel Circulation: Theory and Experiment

ORNL-TM-1467: 1966-03-24 (3.7M PDF)
Summary of Molten-Salt Breeder Reactor Design Studies

ORNL-TM-1437: 1966-04 (2.9M PDF)
A Study of Lead and Lead-Salt Corrosion in Thermal-Convection Loops

ORNL-TM-1431: 1966-04
High-Temperature Chemical Stability of Refractory-Base Alloys in High Vacuum

ORNL-TM-1426: 1966-04
Design and Evaluation of Special Purpose High-Vacuum High-Temperature Equipment for Refractory Metal Research

ORNL-TM-1408: 1966-04
The Welding of New Solution-Strengthened Nickel-Base Alloys

ORNL-TM-1353: 1966-02 (1.6M PDF)
Studies of the Carbon Distribution in Hastelloy-N

ORNL-TM-1348: 1966-01 (2 copies)
Influence of Irradiation on the Tensile Properties of the Aluminum Alloy 6061

ORNL-TM-1347: 1966-01
An Evaluation of the Creep Properties of Cb-753 and a Comparison of this Alloy with Several Other Niobium-Base Alloys

ORNL-TM-1341: 1966-01
Elevated-Temperature Mechanical Properties of Welds in a Ni-Mo-Cr-Fe Alloy

ORNL-TM-1224: 1965-12
Mathematical Models of Diffusion in Grain Boundaries

ORNL-TM-1146: 1965-06-11 (2 copies) (0.2M PDF)
Production of a Low-Boron Heat of Hastelloy N

ORNL-TM-1124: 1965-05-05
High-Temperature Creep Behavior of Type 304 Stainless Steel in Ar-O2 Environment of Different O2 Partial Pressures

ORNL-TM-1070: 1965-12 (3 copies) (4.9M PDF)
Stability Analysis of the MSRE

ORNL-TM-1023: 1965-02 (1.6M PDF)
Tube Plugging in the MSRE Primary Heat Exchanger

ORNL-TM-1017: 1965-02 (1.3M PDF)
Tensile and Creep Properties of INOR-8 for the MSRE

ORNL-TM-1005: 1965-02 (0.8M PDF)
Effect of Elevated Temperature Irradiation on the Strength and Ductility of Hastelloy-N

ORNL-TM-1004: 1965-01 (2 copies)
Stress-Rupture Testing of EGCR Fuel Tubes

ORNL-TM-0935: 1964-09-11 (2.4M PDF)
MSRE Neutron Source Requirements

ORNL-TM-0911: 1965-01 (5.4M PDF)
MSRE Design and Operations Report Part XI: Test Program

ORNL-TM-0905: 1964-08
Creep Properties of the Cb-1%Zr Alloy

ORNL-TM-0891: 1964-11 (2 copies)
Studies of British Niobium-Stabilized Stainless Steels

ORNL-TM-0880: 1964-07 (2 copies)
Effect of Irradiation on the Bend Transition Temperatures of Mo- and Nb-Base Alloys

ORNL-TM-0732: 1965-01 (2 copies) (20.7M PDF)
MSRE Design and Operations Report Part V: Reactor Safety Analysis Report

ORNL-TM-0728: 1965-01 (40.4M PDF)
MSRE Design and Operations Report Part I: Description of Reactor Design

ORNL-TM-0622: 1963-08-22
Observations on the Oxidation of Beryllium in CO2 by Use of 14CO2 and Autoradiographic Techniques

ORNL-TM-0607: 1963-08-06 (0.2M PDF)
Mechanical Properties of INOR-8 Cast Metal

ORNL-TM-0542: 1963-05-28
The Effect of Impurities on Mechanical Twinning and Dislocation Behavior in Body-Centered Cubic Metals

ORNL-TM-0535: 1963-06-07 (2 copies)
Stress-Rupture Properties of Type 304 Stainless Steel Tubing

ORNL-TM-0497: 1966-08-16 (2.5M PDF)
Analysis of Filling Accidents in MSRE

ORNL-TM-0481: 1963-03-28
Influence of CO-CO2 Environments of the Calibration of Chromel-P-Alumel Thermocouples

ORNL-TM-0460: 1963-02-28
A Preliminary Examination of the Formation and Utilization of Texture and Anisotropy in Zircaloy-2

ORNL-TM-0405: 1963-01-04
Thermal Fatigue - An Analysis of the Experimental Method

ORNL-TM-0380: 1962-10-13 (1.5M PDF)
Prediction of Effective Yields of Delayed Neutrons in MSRE

ORNL-TM-0378: 1962-11-05 (3.3M PDF)
Temperatures in the MSRE Core During Steady-State Power Operations

ORNL-TM-0339: 1962-09-27
Effect of CO2 on the Strength and Ductility of Type 304 Stainless Steel at Elevated Temperatures

ORNL-TM-0328: 1962-09-19 (1.6M PDF)
Corrosion Behavior of Reactor Materials in Fluoride Salt Mixtures

ORNL-TM-0326: 1962-09-19 (1.9M PDF)
Influence of Various Gaseous Environments on the Creep-Rupture Properties of Nuclear Materials for Hi-Temp Service

ORNL-TM-0251: 1962-05-15 (10.9M PDF)
Safety Calculations for MSRE

ORNL-TM-0235: 1962-07-27
Influence of Ar and H Environments on the Rate of Diffusion of Co-60 in Nickel

ORNL-TM-0203: 1962-04-06 (12.8M PDF)
MURGATROYD-An IBM 7090 Program for the Analysis of the Kinetics of the MSRE

ORNL-TM-0201: 1962-05-02
Conceptual Design of the Pebble-Bed Reactor Experiment

ORNL-TM-0102: 1962-01-05
Instantaneous and Time-Dependent Collapse of OFHC Copper Vessels by External Pressure

ORNL-TM-0075: 1961-11-30
A Laboratory Gas-Circulating Pump

ORNL-TM-0051: 1961-11-10
Catastropic Oxidation of High-Temperature Alloys

ORNL-TM-0039: 1961-11-21
An Investigation of the High-Temperature Properties of the AISI Type 502 Steel