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ORNL-MSR-76-21: 1976-08 (1.0M PDF)
Neutron Cross Sections for MSR Systems

ORNL-MSR-76-15: 1976-05-14 (0.8M PDF)
Production of Uranium-232 in the MSBR

Correspondence dated 1976-03-29 (0.1M PDF)
Testing of 1/2-in.-Diam Hastelloy N Pipe

ORNL-MSR-75-83: 1975-09-26 (0.2M PDF)
Comments on Tellurium Corrosion in the MSBR

Correspondence dated 1975-09-15 (0.3M PDF)
Tellurium Corrosion in the MSBR

Correspondence dated 1974-12-03 (0.3M PDF)
Possible Method for Addition of Tellurium to Molten Salt Loops and Tests

Correspondence dated 1974-11-13 (0.3M PDF)
Addition of Tellurium to Corrosion Loops and Tests

Correspondence dated 1974-08-02 (0.2M PDF)
Composition of Tellurium Isotopes

Correspondence dated 1974-03-11 (0.1M PDF)
Need for J.W. Koger for MSRP

ORNL-MSR-73-16: 1973-01-26 (1.5M PDF)
The CSTF Deuterium Experiment for the MSR Program

ORNL-MSR-73-7: 1973-02-07 (2.1M PDF)
A Catalog of Dynamics Analyses for Circulating-Fuel Reactors

Correspondence dated 1972-08-21 (0.5M PDF)
Discussion with INCO (Huntington) on Sulfidation

Correspondence dated 1972-07-26 (0.2M PDF)
Hastelloy N Exposure to Tellurium Vapor in Mass Spectrometer-Knudsen Effusion Cell - Final Report

Correspondence dated 1972-07-12 (0.4M PDF)
Met. Report No. 748 Microprobe Analysis of Hastelloy Creep Specimen

Correspondence dated 1972-06-22 (0.1M PDF)
Exposure of Hastelloy N Samples to Tellurium Vapor in Mass Spectrometer-Knudsen Effusion Cell

ORNL-MSR-72-45: 1972-06-09 (0.5M PDF)
Relative Importances of Nickel and Boron to Helium Production in Hastelloy-N

Correspondence dated 1972-06-09 (0.8M PDF)
Microprobe Examination of Hastelloy N Samples Coated with Tellerium

Correspondence dated 1972-03-24 (1.3M PDF)
Reply to Comments by Visiting Committee on Hastelloy N Cracking

ORNL-MSR-72-24: 1972-03-20 (0.1M PDF)
The Phase Diagram of the Lithium Fluoride-Beryllium Fluoride System

Correspondence dated 1971-12-30 (0.1M PDF)
Paper Transmitted by Siegel

Correspondence dated 1971-12-21 (0.2M PDF)
Management Advisory Council (MAC) Recommendation of Biaxial Stress Tests

Correspondence dated 1971-12-07 (1.0M PDF)
Comments on Cracking

Correspondence dated 1971-10-19 (0.1M PDF)
Examination of Freeze Flange

Correspondence dated 1971-09-20 (0.1M PDF)
Status of Work on Grain Boundary Cracking in MSRE

ORNL-MSR-71-79: 1971-08-17 (0.2M PDF)
Distillation of Tritium from MSBR Steam

Correspondence dated 1971-08-03 (0.2M PDF)
Formation of Grain-Boundary Cracks in Ni-Base Alloys

Correspondence dated 1971-07-30 (0.3M PDF)
Corrosion Cracking

Correspondence dated 1971-05-18 (0.1M PDF)
Measurements of the Permeation of Hydrogen Through Metal in Contact with Hydrogen Fluoride

ORNL-MSR-71-46: 1971-04-23 (0.2M PDF)
Trapping Tritium in Graphite

ORNL-MSR-71-36: 1971-04-07 (0.4M PDF)
Possible Tritium Containment Method

ORNL-MSR-71-35: 1971-04-06 (0.2M PDF)
Possible Use of Carbon in Tritium Systems

ORNL-MSR-71-30: 1971-03-19 (0.6M PDF)
List of Reports Concerning Fission Product Behavior in Molten-Salt Reactors

Correspondence dated 1971-02-19 (0.3M PDF)
Reports Still to be Written on MSRE

Correspondence dated 1970-10-13 (0.1M PDF)
Use of Tritium in Sodium Fluoroborate Salt Loop

Correspondence dated 1970-10-09 (0.4M PDF)
Rate of Hydrogen Loss Through Hastelloy N Pipe Wall

Correspondence dated 1970-10-07 (0.2M PDF)
Tritium Injection into a Flowing Sodium Fluoroborate Salt Thermal Convection Loop

ORNL-MSR-70-73: 1970-09-23 (0.4M PDF)
Apparent Holdup of 235U Fuel in MSRE

ORNL-MSR-70-72: 1970-09-23 (0.2M PDF)
Tritium Removal from MSBR Secondary Coolant Using Slurried Getters

ORNL-MSR-70-68: 1970-09-17 (0.1M PDF)
Procedure for Disposal of Surplus Items from the MSRE

ORNL-MSR-70-69: 1970-09-14 (0.2M PDF)
Recovery of Uranium from MSRE Absorbers

Correspondence dated 1970-09-14 (0.5M PDF)
Proposed Use of Haloaluminates as Secondary Coolants for the MSR to Trap Tritium

ORNL-MSR-70-58: 1970-08-26 (0.3M PDF)
Proposed Use of Haloaluminates as Secondary Coolants for the MSR to Trap Tritium

Correspondence dated 1970-07-22 (0.1M PDF)
Budgeting MSRE Examinations

ORNL-MSR-70-45: 1970-07-15 (0.3M PDF)
Procedures and Conditions for the MSRE During the Post-Operation Examination Period

ORNL-MSR-70-41: 1970-06-30 (0.2M PDF)
Status of MSRE Post-Operation Examination and Plans for the Future

ORNL-MSR-70-18: 1970-06-30 (0.6M PDF)
Power Generation by the MSRE based on Isotopic Analyses of Plutonium and Uranium

ORNL-MSR-69-117: 1969-12-03 (1.2M PDF)
Design Fatigue Strength of Hastelloy-N

Correspondence dated 1969-12-01 (0.3M PDF)
Procedures for Examination and Analysis of U-Capsules Irradiated in MSRE for the Eta Experiment

Correspondence dated 1969-11-04 (6.0M PDF)
Experimental Hastelloy-N Filler Metals

ORNL-MSR-69-102: 1969-10-30 (0.3M PDF)
Tentative List of Post-Operation Tasks

ORNL-MSR-69-97: 1969-10-07 (0.1M PDF)
Proposal for an MSRE Experiment: Dissolving Metallic Nb in MSRE Fuel Salt

ORNL-MSR-69-74: 1969-08-07 (0.2M PDF)
Composition of the MSRE Fuel Salt at the Beginning of Run 19

ORNL-MSR-69-69: 1969-07-31 (0.1M PDF)
Experimental Program for MSRE Run 19

ORNL-MSR-69-59: 1969-07-23 (0.2M PDF)
A Material Balance for Plutonium in the MSRE Fuel Salt

ORNL-MSR-69-58: 1969-07-08 (0.5M PDF)
Some Factors in Gas Behavior in the MSRE Fuel System

ORNL-MSR-69-46: 1969-05-19 (0.1M PDF)
Possible Fluorine Generation in Storage Tanks Containing Used MSRE Fuel Salt

ORNL-MSR-69-32: 1969-04-16 (0.1M PDF)
Hastelloy-N Surface Areas in MSRE

Correspondence dated 1969-04-09 (0.2M PDF)
Phone Conversation Concerning Hastelloy N Procurement

ORNL-MSR-69-27: 1969-03-27 (0.3M PDF)
Recommendations for a Program of Chemical Experimentation with the MSRE Prior to Shutdown

ORNL-MSR-69-25: 1969-03-27 (0.1M PDF)
MSRE Thermal Convection Test

ORNL-MSR-69-24: 1969-03-20 (0.1M PDF)
Proposal to Measure the Short-Lived Fission Products on MSRE Graphite

ORNL-MSR-69-20: 1969-03-03 (0.8M PDF)
Cross Section Ratio Measurements in MSRE

ORNL-MSR-69-18: 1969-02-27 (0.1M PDF)
Request for Suggestions for Final Operation and Shutdown of the MSRE

ORNL-MSR-69-17: 1969-02-24 (0.8M PDF)
Status of Development of Heat Exchanger Tubing

ORNL-MSR-69-12: 1969-03-13 (0.2M PDF)
The Effect of Reductants on Metal-Fluoride Salt Wetting Behavior

Correspondence dated 1969-03-11 (0.1M PDF)
Suggestions for Final Operation of MSRE

Correspondence dated 1969-01-13 (0.1M PDF)
MSR Forced Circulation Loop Program

ORNL-MSR-69-2: 1969-01-08 (0.1M PDF)
Consideration of Adding Plutonium to MSRE Fuel

ORNL-MSR-68-163: 1968-12-17 (2.6M PDF)
Operation of a Molten Salt Reactor Without Chemical Processing

ORNL-MSR-68-147: 1968-11-06 (1.4M PDF)
Revised Estimate of MSBR Core Temperatures DeveloPed After Shutdown

ORNL-MSR-68-138: 1968-11-04 (1.4M PDF)
Estimate of the Afterheat by Decay of Noble Metals in MSBR and Comparison with Data from the MSRE

Correspondence dated 1968-10-25 (0.2M PDF)
Distribution of Heat Production in a 1000-MWe MSBR

ORNL-MSR-68-127: 1968-09-11 (0.2M PDF)
Possible F2 Production in MSBR Coolant Salt

Correspondence dated 1968-08-13 (0.2M PDF)
The Chemistry of Volatile and/or Liquid Complex Halides with Potential Applications in Separation Processes

ORNL-MSR-68-113: 1968-07-31 (0.1M PDF)
Thermophysical Properties for MSBR Design Studies, Rev. 1

ORNL-MSR-68-111: 1968-07-23 (0.4M PDF)
MSRE Test Report Determination of Fuel Salt Afterheat After Sustained Full-Power Operation

ORNL-MSR-68-99: 1968-07-02 (3.0M PDF)
Revised Estimates of Maximum Afterheat Deposition in MSBR by Noble Metals

Correspondence dated 1968-06-07 (0.4M PDF)
Packed Bed Moderator for a MSR

Correspondence dated 1968-06-05 (0.1M PDF)
Specimen Procurement for Physical Property Data

ORNL-MSR-68-88: 1968-06-04 (0.2M PDF)
Your Memo, “Use of Plutonium in Single-Fluid MSBRs,” MSR 68-64

ORNL-MSR-68-83: 1968-05-20 (0.5M PDF)
The Effect of BeF2 and ThF4 Concentrations on the Viscosity of Possible Fuel Salts for an MSBR

ORNL-MSR-68-80: 1968-05-15 (0.1M PDF)
Selection of a Revised Value for the Specific Heat of MSRE Coolant Salt

ORNL-MSR-68-78: 1968-02-15 (2.8M PDF)
Further Analysis of the Uranium Resuspension Accident

Correspondence dated 1968-05-27 (0.3M PDF)
Status of Analysis of Dynamic Tests Performed on MSRE at the End of Operation with 235U Fuel

Correspondence dated 1968-05-13 (0.1M PDF)
Microprobe Analysis of Two Salt Loop Samples

ORNL-MSR-68-71: 1968-05-01 (0.3M PDF)
Enthalpy and Heat Capacity of the MSRE Coolant

ORNL-MSR-68-67: 1968-04-24 (0.2M PDF)
Supercritical versus Subcritical Steam Conditions for 1000-MWe and Larger Turbine-Generator Sets

ORNL-MSR-68-66: 1968-04-24 (0.3M PDF)
Proposed MSBR Design Criteria, Cost Bases, and Ground Rules, Issue 1

ORNL-MSR-68-65: 1968-04-24 (0.8M PDF)
MSBR Intermediate Helium Loop

ORNL-MSR-68-64: 1968-04-23 (1.2M PDF)
Use of Plutonium in Single-Fluid MSBRs

ORNL-MSR-68-63: 1968-04-22 (0.1M PDF)
Heat Content Measurements of Coolant and Blanket Salts and Specific Heat Estimates

ORNL-MSR-68-53: 1968-03-26 (1.4M PDF)
Revised Values of Peak Temperatures Resulting from Changes in Reactor Size and Shape

Correspondence dated 1968-03-18 (0.2M PDF)
Measurements of Physical Properties

ORNL-MSR-68-49: 1968-03-18 (0.6M PDF)
The Salt-Spill Accident and the Possibilities for Absorbing Decay Heat in Rock

ORNL-MSR-68-43: 1968-03-05 (0.1M PDF)
Improved Method for Calculating the Ionic Number for Estimating the Thermal Conductivity of Molten Salts

Correspondence dated 1968-02-09 (0.1M PDF)
A Molten Salt Breeder Reactor Physical Property Program

Correspondence dated 1968-02-05 (0.3M PDF)
Test of MSRE Rod Control System Under Simulated 233U Fuel Loading Conditions

ORNL-MSR-68-28: 1968-02-01 (0.1M PDF)
Estimation of the Thermal Conductivity of Molten Salt Mixtures

ORNL-MSR-68-24: 1968-01-30 (2.3M PDF)
Xenon Behavior in Recent Tests in the MSRE

Correspondence dated 1968-01-25 (0.1M PDF)
MIT Practice School Problem - Test of MSRE Rod Controller with Simulated 233U Fuel Loading

ORNL-MSR-68-21: 1968-01-17 (0.4M PDF)
Proposed Program for Stability Analysis and Dynamic Testing of the MSRE for the 233U Fuel Loading

Correspondence dated 1968-01-11 (0.1M PDF)
Potential Materials for Vacuum Distillation

Correspondence dated 1968-01-10 (0.1M PDF)
Tests of MSRE Rod Control System in Preparation for 233U

ORNL-MSR-68-8: 1968-01-08 (1.6M PDF)
Heating in Graphite of a 2000-MWe Reactor by Decay of Fission Products After Shutdown

Correspondence dated 1968-01-05 (0.9M PDF)
Fluting of Hastelloy N Tubing by Planetary Swaging

ORNL-MSR-68-5: 1967-12-21 (0.7M PDF)
Proposed Test of MSRE Rod Control System Under Simulated 233U Fuel Loading Conditions

ORNL-MSR-67-112: 1967-12-21 (0.1M PDF)
Request for Evaluation of Nuclear and Metallurgical Consequences of NaK Injections in MSBR Systems

Correspondence dated 1967-12-14 (0.4M PDF)
MSRE External Loop Dynamics Transfer Function Derivation

ORNL-MSR-67-110: 1967-12-12 (0.2M PDF)
Chemical Consequences of NaK Injections in MSBR Fuel, Blanket, and Coolant Systems

ORNL-MSR-67-102: 1967-11-30 (1.7M PDF)
Preliminary Dynamics Model of the MSBR

ORNL-MSR-67-101: 1967-12-01 (0.3M PDF)
MSBR Hastelloy N and Graphite Cost and Materials Estimates Requested by the AEC-RDT

ORNL-MSR-67-98: 1967-12-01 (0.1M PDF)
Liquidus Temperatures and Phase Changes in the System NaBF4-BULT4

ORNL-MSR-67-96: 1967-11-07 (0.1M PDF)
Acceptability of NaK-Filled Pressure and Differential Pressure Transmitters for Use on the MSBR

ORNL-MSR-67-92: 1967-10-31 (0.1M PDF)
Estimated Viscosities of BeF2-Containing Salts Suggested as MSBR Coolants

Correspondence dated 1967-10-17 (0.1M PDF)
Container Material for MSRP Salts; Hastelloy N-Modified Hastelloy N

ORNL-MSR-67-90: 1967-10-13 (0.1M PDF)
Documenting and Referencing Cost Data for 7Li

Correspondence dated 1967-09-22 (0.2M PDF)
Protactinium Chemistry for MSBR Process Development

Correspondence dated 1967-08-31 (0.1M PDF)
Specimens and Testing of Potential Materials for the Vacuum Distillation

ORNL-MSR-67-39: 1967-06-15 (0.1M PDF)
Test Specimens for Vacuum Distillation Experiment

ORNL-MSR-67-34: 1967-05-24 (2.0M PDF)
Heat Generation in Molten-Salt Distillation Systems

ORNL-MSR-67-31: 1967-05-12 (0.2M PDF)
Calculation of Decay Heat from Fission Products

ORNL-MSR-67-29: 1967-05-12 (1.1M PDF)
Xenon-135 Poison Fraction for MSBR Reference Design

ORNL-MSR-67-27: 1967-04-28 (0.2M PDF)
Niobium and Ruthenium in the MSRE Offgas Particle Trap

ORNL-MSR-67-12: 1967-02-24 (0.3M PDF)
Heat Production in Fission Product Deposits in MSBR Piping and Heat Exchanger

ORNL-MSR-67-8: 1967-02-16 (0.1M PDF)
Deposition of Metallic Fission Products in the MSBR

ORNL-MSR-67-3: 1967-01-18 (0.5M PDF)
Status and Needs of the Proposed MSRE Salt Distillation Experiment

ORNL-MSR-67-2: 1967-01-06 (1.0M PDF)
Reactor Dynamics Information from MSRE Operation with 233U-Bearing Fuel Salt

ORNL-MSR-66-38: 1966-12-05 (0.1M PDF)
The Vacuum Still for Use at the MSRE

Correspondence dated 1966-11-28 (0.4M PDF)
Review of Vacuum Still, Condenser, and Sample Reservoir

Correspondence dated 1966-10-27 (0.1M PDF)
Characterization of Hastelloy N for Service at 982C

Correspondence dated 1966-09-26 (3.6M PDF)
MSRE Distillation Experiment Stress Calculations

ORNL-MSR-66-2: 1966-03-07 (0.9M PDF)
Operating History of the MSRE Digital, Data-Collecting and Computer System

Correspondence dated 1965-10-08 (0.1M PDF)
Future Neutron Fluctuation Measurements at the MSRE

Correspondence dated 1964-12-14 (0.2M PDF)
Documentation of Critical and Subsequent Experiments on the MSRE

ORNL-MSR-64-63: 1964-12-08 (0.4M PDF)
Meeting held November 16, 1964 to discuss the application of a salt densitometer to the MSRE

ORNL-MSR-64-41: 1964-10-12 (0.3M PDF)
MSRE Simulator for Operator Training

ORNL-MSR-64-29: 1964-06-19 (0.4M PDF)
Helium Pressure Increase in the Coolant Pump Bowl After a Loss of Load Accident by a Radiator Door Closure

Correspondence dated 1964-06-04 (0.2M PDF)
MSRE Operator Training

ORNL-MSR-64-14: 1964-04-17 (1.6M PDF)
On-Line Computation of Control Rod Effect for Reactivity Balance

ORNL-MSR-63-53: 1963-10-31 (0.1M PDF)
Thermodynamic Stability of Metals and their Chlorides in the Presence of UCl3 and PuCl3

ORNL-MSR-63-49: 1963-12-19 (1.0M PDF)
Proposed MSRE Dynamic Tests

Correspondence dated 1963-05-02 (0.5M PDF)
Analysis of MSRE Cooling Water Temperature Control System

Correspondence dated 1963-04-15 (0.5M PDF)
Effects of Entrained Gas in MSRE Fuel

Correspondence dated 1963-04-08 (0.6M PDF)
Analog Study of MSRE Component Cooling Pump Differential Pressure Controller (PdIC-960A)

Correspondence dated 1963-04-04 (0.3M PDF)
Overall Heat-Transfer Coefficient for MSRE Treated Water Cooler

Correspondence dated 1963-02-20 (0.3M PDF)
Loss of Cooling Water Flow to MSRE Thermal Shield

ORNL-MSR-62-96: 1962-12-29 (0.9M PDF)
Preliminary Study of an Automatic Rod Controller Proposed for the MSRE

Correspondence dated 1962-12-17 (1.5M PDF)
MSRE Drain Times

ORNL-MSR-62-86: 1962-09-27 (6.4M PDF)
MSRE Rod Controller Simulation - Week of 6-25-62

Correspondence dated 1962-05-21 (1.5M PDF)
Graphite Confinement in MSRE Core, Natural Convection Cooling of Drain Tanks

Correspondence dated 1962-05-03 (0.8M PDF)
MSRE Drain Tank Cooling by External Air Convection

ORNL-MSR-61-99: 1961-08-15 (0.5M PDF)
Preheating of Graphite Core in MSRE

ORNL-MSR-61-52: 1961-05-12 (0.8M PDF)
Re-evaluation of Gamma Heating in Proposed Reactor Vessel Hanger Rods for MSRE

ORNL-MSR-61-3: 1961-01-09 (0.4M PDF)
MSRE Pump Gas Purge System Study