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ORNL-CF-76-123: 1976-04-20 (0.3M PDF)
Operation of Salt Production Facilities in Building 9201-3 During 1974 and 1975

ORNL-MIT-202: 1974-11-22 (1.6M PDF) (2 copies)
Modeling of Countercurrent Grain Boundary Diffusion of Reacting Species

ORNL-CF-74-7-43: 1974-07-01
Stability Analysis of the Tubular Biaxial Test Specimen

ORNL-CF-73-3-21: 1973-03-14 (1.3M PDF) (2 copies)
Use of Maraging Steels for MSRP Applications

ORNL-CF-73-1-26: 1973-01-15 (0.2M PDF)
The Effect of Oxide Coatings and Molten Salt Films on the Permation of Hydrogen Through Metal Walls

ORNL-CF-73-1-23: 1973-01-12 (0.4M PDF)
Bases for Design of MSBR Systems for Temperatures to 1300F

ORNL-CF-72-12-38: 1972-12-28 (1.1M PDF)
Lead-Cooled Molten Salt Reactors

ORNL-CF-72-11-8: 1972-11-10 (1.1M PDF)
Conceptual Thermal-Hydraulic Design of the MSBR Core

ORNL-CF-71-11-21: 1971-11-11 (1.0M PDF)
Factors That Limit or Control the Choice of the Maximum Steam Throttle Temperature for a Power Plant

ORNL-CF-71-7-8: 1971-07-07 (0.1M PDF)
Additional Calculations of the Distribution of Tritium in the MSRE

ORNL-CF-71-5-10: 1971-05-07 (0.7M PDF)
The Effect of Hydrogen Back-Diffusion on the Transport of Tritium in an MSBR

ORNL-CF-71-1-19: 1971-01-15 (0.3M PDF)
Suppression of Tritium Transport to Steam in an MSBR by HF Addition to the Coolant Salt

ORNL-CF-70-7-13: 1970-07-23 (2.0M PDF)
Calculation of the Tritium Distribution in the MSRE

ORNL-CF-70-4-24: 1970-04-22 (6.3M PDF)
Preliminary Evaluation of the Leak in the MSRE Primary System Which Occurred During the Final Shutdown

ORNL-CF-70-3-3: 1970-03-18 (1.5M PDF)
Distribution of Tritium in a 1000-MWe MSBR

ORNL-MIT-99: 1970-03-05 (0.5M PDF)
Analysis and Scaleup of the Pulsed-Gas Impregnation of Graphite with Carbon

ORNL-CF-70-3-2: 1970-03-02 (1.7M PDF)
Calculation of Stresses During a Thermal Transient in an MSBR Outlet Nozzle

ORNL-CF-70-2-7: 1970-02-04 (1.5M PDF)
Tritium in the MSRE: Calculated Production Rates and Observed Amounts

ORNL-CF-69-9-44: 1969-09-25 (3.0M PDF)
Preliminary Heat-Transfer Results with a Molten Salt Mixture Containing LiF-BeF2-ThF4-UF4 Flowing Inside a Smooth, Horizontal Tube

ORNL-CF-69-8-3: 1969-08-05 (0.4M PDF)
Assessment of Service Life of MSRE

ORNL-CF-69-5-26: 1969-05-12 (0.9M PDF)
Resource Requirements for Nuclear Power Industry

ORNL-CF-68-8-65: 1968-08-28 (1.3M PDF)
Hazards Evaluation for MSRE Distillation Experiment

ORNL-CF-68-6-20: 1968-06 (0.3M PDF)
Temperatures Developed in 2000 MWe MSBR Cores After a Drain

ORNL-CF-68-3-38: 1968-03-25 (1.5M PDF) (2 copies)
Decay Heat Generation by Fission Products and 233Pa in a Single-Region MSR

ORNL-CF-68-1-42: 1968-01-24 (0.5M PDF)
Protactinium Removal from MSBR Fertile Salt

ORNL-CF-67-9-1: 1967-09-27 (2.3M PDF)
Estimated Temperatures Developed by Afterheat in MSBR Primary Heat Exchanger, SK-4304, Rev.3

ORNL-CF-67-6-15: 1967-06-13 (0.7M PDF)
The Prediction of Creep Rupture Life for Irradiated Hastelloy-N

ORNL-CF-66-2-67: 1966-02-11 (2.8M PDF) (4 copies)
Analysis of MSRE Zero-Power Flux Noise Using Digital Techniques

ORNL-CF-66-1-11: 1966-01-03
Review of the Utility of the Field Ion Microscope

ORNL-CF-65-10-18: 1965-10-29 (1.4M PDF)
Results of Neutron Fluctuation Measurements Made During the MSRE Zero-Power Experiment

ORNL-CF-65-8-32: 1965-08-16 (4.2M PDF)
Preliminary Report on Results of MSRE Zero-Power Experiments

ORNL-CF-65-3-58: 1965-03-08 (9.2M PDF) (2 copies)
Comments on the Corrosion of INOR-8 During Hydrofluorination

ORNL-CF-65-3-1: 1965-03-03 (0.9M PDF)
Comparison of Calculations and Uncertainties in the Temperature Coefficients of Reactivity in the MSRE

ORNL-CF-63-2-66: 1963-02-20 (2 copies)
Use of Internal Friction in Studying the Behavior of Interstitial Atoms in Nb-Zr Alloys-A Status Report

ORNL-CF-62-12-33: 1962-12-12
A Review of Studies on the Effects of Irradiation on the Mechanical Properties of Nb, Mo, Ta, and W

ORNL-CF-62-11-69: 1962-11-12 (1.5M PDF)
Preliminary Equations to Describe Iodine and Xenon Behavior in the MSRE

ORNL-CF-62-7-38: 1962-07-06
Foreign Travel Trip Report, June 4-22, 1962

ORNL-CF-62-7-35: 1962-07-12
Foreign Travel Trip Report, June 3-16, 1962

ORNL-CF-61-12-50: 1961-12-26 (2.6M PDF)
MSRE Analog Computer Simulation of the System with a Servo Controller

ORNL-CF-61-10-39: 1961-10-11 (0.4M PDF)
Delayed Neutron Losses in Circulating Fuel Reactors - MSCR Memo No. 6

ORNL-CF-61-3-42: 1961-03-08
MSRE - An Analog Computer Simulation of the System for Various Conditions - Progress Report 1

ORNL-CF-60-8-25: 1960-08-03
Comparison of Weight Changes of Columbium Specimens with Amount of Impurities as Determined by Vacuum Fusion Analysis

ORNL-CF-60-11-20: 1960-11-04 (1.1M PDF)
MSRE - Analog Computer Simulation of a Loss of Flow Accident in the Secondary System

ORNL-CF-60-6-110: 1960-06-27
MSRE - Preliminary Analog Computer Study of Loss of Flow Accident in Primary System

ORNL-CF-59-1-157: 1959-01-22
A Survey of Devices for Measuring the Internal Friction of Metals at Elevated Temperatures

ORNL-CF-59-1-4: 1959-01-30 (2.7M PDF)
A Preliminary Summary of Studies of INOR-8, Inconel, Graphite and Fluoride Systems for the MSRP for the Period from 5/1/58 to 12/31/58

ORNL-CF-57-11-119: 1957-11-25 (6.6M PDF)
Recrystallization of INOR-8