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Our Vision

Sustainable nuclear energy for the world.

We derive our name from the key ingredient that can transform thorium into energy and makes the thorium molten salt reactor a reality. The basic salt is a combination of Fluoride (F), Lithium (Li), and Beryllium (Be). These chemical symbols make the name Flibe.

At Flibe Energy, we believe in a sustainable, nuclear powered future. The key to unlocking this future can be found in the tiny thorium atom. Since our founding, the mission has remained the same — create a power source that will revolutionize the way we experience energy. This mantra will always guide our actions as a company.

A dedicated team

Our Leadership

David Hanson

Chief Executive Officer

Kirk Sorensen

President & Chief Technologist

Trevor Giles

Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Bonometti

Chief Strategy Officer

Benjamin Soon

Chief Business Development Officer

Maris Hanson

Chief Legal Officer

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Interested in our mission to reimagine the future of energy? We're a team of innovators, dreamers, and doers who are reshaping the future. If you're passionate about making a difference and ready for a challenge, we would love to hear from you. Visit our careers page to learn more.

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Flibe Energy, Inc.

7800 Madison Blvd. Suite 409

Huntsville, AL 35806

(256) 456-5688


For investors, utilities, suppliers, or other partners, please visit our stakeholders page.

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“To deny rebirth of nuclear energy is to deny human ingenuity and aspiration. This I cannot do.”

- Dr. Alvin Weinberg