Ship at sea carrying cargo

Sustainable Transportation

Carbon-free transportation for a cleaner world.

Flibe provides the solutions to decarbonize the shipping industry.

Shipping is a vital backbone to the global economy. Without it we would not be able to sustain the advanced manufacturing and trade that we rely upon.

The global transportation industry is under great pressure to decarbonize their fleets and move to a sustainable power source. Flibe's technologies can solve these problems through mobile reactors for shipping and larger stationary reactors providing clean energy for sustainable liquid fuels. Our technology can achieve a realistic global reduction in emissions from shipping while simultaneously decreasing transit times.

Facts About Global Transportation

Roughly 80% of goods globally are shipped by sea.

Over 3% of global emissions are from the shipping industry.

The Precedent For Nuclear Shipping

Nuclear reactors have been safely powering ships and submarines for over 50 years. The NS Savannah (shown) was the first nuclear-powered merchant ship and was launched by the US in 1959.

The compact size and extreme safety of LFTR provide an opportunity for use in many mobile applications such as marine shipping and space exploration.

Image of nuclear-powered merchant ship, the NS Savannah