Artistic line graphic showing Flibe reactor site

Spent-Fuel Solutions

Our technologies bring a comprehensive solution to waste and spent-fuel management.

We are solving the nuclear waste problem.

Today's fuel cycle uses only a small percent of the potential energy in the fuel and creates long lived transuranic nuclides.

Flibe's optimized fuel cycle, based on thorium, maximizes energy production and minimizes spent-fuel to a small volume of fission products which quickly decay.

The current solution to nuclear fuel has been to keep it in storage until we can find a place to bury it for long-term storage. The environmental and political atmosphere has prevented this from being a workable strategy. Flibe's technology can consume that waste, turning it into useful electrical power while eliminating the undesirable elements.

Facts About Nuclear Spent-Fuel

2,000 metric tons of spent-fuel generated in the US each year.

Because most of the current spent-fuel is in solid form, it is difficult to process and remove useful nuclides. Flibe's lithium-salt technology overcomes this hurdle, and allows for nearly 100% of the available energy to be used.