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The Thermochemical Properties of the Oxides, Fluorides, and Chlorides to 2500K

BER-MR-3002-24: 1964-06
Relaxation of Hastelloy-N (INOR) at 1300F

BER-MR-3002-22: 1963-05
Elevated Temperature Tensile Properties of Hastelloy-N (INOR-8)

BMI-1354: 1959-06-26
Fatigue Studies of INOR-8

DMIC-0153: 1961-05-05
Physical Metallurgy of Nickel-Base Superalloys

EIR-411: 1980-07 (2.2M PDF)
Reactor with Very Low Fission Product Inventory

EIR-332: 1978-01 (7.0M PDF)
Fast Reactors Using Molten Chloride Salts as Fuel: Final Report (1972-1977)

EIR-270: 1975-02 (1.5M PDF)
Transmutation of Fission Products in a Liquid-Fuelled Fast Fission Reactor with Thermal Column

EIR-267: 1974-12 (1.1M PDF)
Chemical State of Sulphur Obtained by the 35Cl(n,p)35S Reaction During In-Pile Irradiation

EIR-259: 1975-09 (1.3M PDF)
A High-Flux Fast Molten Salt Reactor for the Transmutation of 137Cs and 90Sr

AEEW-R956: 1974-08 (4.4M PDF)
An Assessment of a 2500 MWe Molten Chloride Salt Fast Reactor

EIR-257: 1974-05 (1.4M PDF)
The Possibility of Continuous In-core Gaseous Extraction of Volatile Fission Products in a Molten Fuel Reactor

EIR-249: 1974-01 (2.5M PDF)
A Molten Salt Fast Thermal Reactor System with no Waste

GA-1629: 1960-10-21
Effect of Environment on the Creep-Rupture Properties of Inconel 713C

GA-0782: 1959-06
Graphite-Metal Compatibility at High Temperatures

GEMP-0740: 1969-12
Evaluation of Plastic Fatigue Properties of Heat-Resistant Alloys

GEMP-0732: 1969-12
Short-Term Tensile and Low-Cycle Fatigue Studies of Incoloy 800

HW-67715: 1961-02
Evaluation of Iron- and Nickel-Base Alloys for Medium and High Temperature Reactor Applications, Part 1

MIT-ANP-TR-147: 2013-01
Fluoride-Salt-Cooled High-Temperature Reactors (FHRs) for Baseload and Peak Electricity and Process Heat

NASA-SP-7031: 1968
Properties of Selected Radioisotopes

ORNL-IIC-19: 1969-09
Isotope User's Guide

UCTD-7513: 1968-08-01
Aging Characteristics Haynes Developmental Alloy No. 188

USBM-0605: 1963
Thermodynamic Properties of 65 Elements—Their Oxides, Halides, Carbides, and Nitrides

WASH-1222: 1972-09 (4.4M PDF)
An Evaluation of the Molten Salt Breeder Reactor